Oh….You meant Dogs

Oh….You meant Dogs

Oh You Meant Dogs!

It all started last year at Christmas. We had been watching a movie , probably on  the Hallmark channel, about an orphan child getting a new home filled with love and joy for Christmas.
My wife tells me about what a great movie that was and how inspiring it is and we should do the same for the holidays. She then said she could contact some people she knew and she would get all the details and what the process was. I hesitatingly said okay and was a little confused about her excitement.


She then tells me not to worry because if it didn’t work out we could just send them back in a couple weeks. My jaw dropped. With dismay i told her I don’t think it works that way and how mean it would be to send a child back after the holidays were over. She looked at me with like I lost my mind and she said, ” I wasn’t talking about kids”..That is when it dawned on me I had missed something. She looked at me and at our dog Mitch, and then it hit me..” meant dogs”! Wow..was I on the wrong page on that one.


So, fast forward a year and a half later, we met Teri Koenig, of Chain of Hope of KC and we now are fostering our first pets. They are two very young puppies who were rescued by Chain of Hope staff. We get to have this wonderful opportunity to nurse these two brothers back to health so they can find a loving home. You can help us name these two little guys and we will post updates on their recovery. They were both malnourished and flea bitten with some sores that are starting to heal. We couldn’t have planned a better day than today, by coincidence it is National Dog Day.


You can contact Chain of Hope KC at 816-221-8080 about information on these two little guys or any other adoptable pets they currently have.


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