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Supplemental Voluntary Insurance can enhance your benefits portfolio with little or no cost to the employer or business owner. TCG Solutions can advise small businesses or individuals on deciding if voluntary insurance can fill in the gaps of coverage within your current health insurance.

TCG Solutions is here to help you decide what supplemental voluntary insurance benefits you fit your situation. Regardless of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, health insurance can leave gaps in coverage leaving you financially vulnerable when faced with a sudden illness or unexpected injury. TCG Solutions can aid you in deciding what supplemental voluntary insurance can best complete your overall benefits package, if you are a small business or individual, TCG can advise on what coverage suits your current and future needs. Supplemental Voluntary Insurance Studies suggest benefits can play a key role in retention of quality employees and help attracting new and talented prospects. Reports have indicated employees in some cases may even change employers who offer less in wages but offer health insurance benefits.Voluntary supplemental insurance products can enhance any current benefits package at little or no cost to an employer. Several things are definite, rising deductibles are here and the national trend is to shift more of the rising costs of health insurance to the employee. A 2014 Kaiser Family Foundation Survey illustrates this national trend.
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Breakdown of Healthcare Spending - 2013 - $2.5 Trillion

In 2013, Private Health Insurance spending for personal health care was $846 Billion. Medicare spending $550.5 Billion. Out Of Pocket spending was $339.4 Billion dollars. Medicaid (federal) spending $236.7 Billion. Medicaid (State) spending $174.1 Billion. The remainder was paid by other types of insurance, payers and programs.

Personal Health Care Expenditures - Source data from National Health Expenditure Accounts (NHEA)

Persona Health Care Expenditures -  Source data from National Health expenditure Accounts

Interesting Statistics

In a recent study the following resulting percentage of Small Businesses offer Voluntary Insurance Products
In a recent study the percentage of Small-Company employees satisfied with their jobs but not their benefits package
In a recent study the percentage of Small Company employees likely to accept a job with slightly lower pay but better benefits
Employees who agree that a well-communicated benefits package would make them less likely to leave their jobs

2013 - Leading Cause of Deaths - 2,596,993       
#1 - Heart Disease - 611,105      
#2 - Cancer - 548,881      
# Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease - 149,205      
#4 - Unintentional Injuries - 130,557      
#5 - Cerebrovascular Disease - 129,978      
#6 - Alzheimer's Disease - 84,767      
#7 - Diabetes Mellitus - 75,578      
Influenza and Pneumonia - 56,979      
Nephritis - 47,112      
Suicide - 41,149      
The above death statistics are reported by the U.S Dept of Health and Human Services - Health, United States 2014.
Paul Carrigan
Paul Carrigan