Railroad & Transportation Worker Job Insurance

Protect you biggest asset - your income

Railroad Job Insurance

Railroad Job Insurance


Railroad Job Insurance is available to Railroad and other Unionized Transportation Employees. This helps to protect themselves and earnings when confronted with discipline-related incidents removing them from service.

My name is Paul Carrigan and I am a locomotive engineer with over 30 years service and an agent for LECMPA (Locomotive Engineer & Conductor Mutual Protective Association) Railroad Job Insurance located out of Michigan.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your agent for railroad job insurance. LECMPA has several great railroad job insurance options available to you at affordable rates to fit your budget. LECMPA Railroad Job Insurance is available in Kansas and nationwide with policies tailored to fit your needs.

Along with railroad job insurance, LECMPA offers up to $50,000 in accidental death coverage on members ( Accidental Death feature not available in California). As of October 1, 2012, accidental death coverage on your beneficiary will be matched to the accidental death benefit due you, the member.

LECMPA Railroad Job Insurance helps protect your biggest asset, you income. Many believe a house or car is their biggest asset instead of income. Without income, your lifestyle in general will be affected. We insure everything around us but we tend to overlook the one thing that allows to plan and pay for everything else.

LECMPA gives you the peace of mind that when you are removed from service, your income is still protected. Allowing life to proceed as close to normal as possible.

Railroad Job Insurance

Policy #12 and #16 

New $252 @ day coverage available!


LECMPA has raised the daily maximum coverage to $252 @ day for $201 @ day. Up to $300 a day available with new rider.

Receive additional benefits by raising your current job insurance.

Contact me for a policy review and get a quote for additional job insurance coverage.



Keep your policy information current.

To ensure LECMPA can provide the best service possible, it is recommended to periodically review your policy information.

Some of the commonly overlooked information is home address changes and contact information updates.

Remember to always verify your beneficiary information in the event there are life changes and your marital status has changed. 

If you have questions, please use the contact form below and leave a message about your questions and I’ll get back to you.


LECMPA Job Insurance

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