The majority of elderly people want to be able to stay in their homes throughout their senior years. Despite any medical issues that may arise, staying in one’s home is usually the preferred location for residence. While senior citizens might not be able to take care of their homes as well as they used to, there are some changes that can be made to accommodate them at this point in their life. Here are some things you can do to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe.


An elderly person’s home should be situated in an area where it is convenient for them to gain access to groceries, medical care, pharmacies, banks, etc. If the elderly person is no longer driving, it doesn’t make sense to have them living twenty minutes away from everything. If your senior family member is too far from where they need to be, you might want to think about helping them find a home that will be closer to you and the locations they need to frequent.

Renovations and Accommodations

Some minor changes may need to occur to make a home safer for an older occupant and increase their ease of use. In order for the elderly to feel comfortable in their own home, consider designing a senior-accessible bedroom, remodeling the bathroom, or making the space walker- or wheelchair-friendly. These changes don’t have to cost a vast amount of money. The overall cost will be far less than moving or finding an assisted living facility. A few basic alterations can turn a once-familiar space that has gradually become more intimidating into one that is friendly and comfortable once again.

Medical Assistance and Care

If your elderly family member needs assistance with bathing, general personal needs, wound care, medication administration or food preparation, there is assistance for these kinds of things. Their insurance coverage may provide a certain number of hours per week if you can’t do everything yourself. They can even have doctors and other medical professionals come to their home to help with medical issues if they can’t get to the doctor themselves. This is a good way for senior citizens to remain in their homes while still getting the attention and medical care that they need to thrive.

Making the elderly feel comfortable and safe in their own homes is really a very rewarding thing to accomplish. Nobody wants to come to terms with needing to leave their home to enter a nursing home or assisted living facility. If there is a way to assist the elderly to remain in their own homes, most of them would wish to do so for the remainder of their days.

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