Puppy Names

Puppy Names

Puppy Names

Puppy names are  always fun to come up and to try to see what names match their individual personality or demeanor. We have two rescue puppies from Chain of Hope KC. Both our getting better each day and have really turned the corner. When Chain of Hope KC staff first received them, they were in such poor health, it wasn’t clear if they would make it through the night. Both puppies are now doing so much better. Their sores are healing and they both are getting more and more active and quite the appetite.

We decided to name these two little guys after characters from one of our favorite Netflix shows. The new season will be starting on September 23 and we are really looking forward to watching  the new episodes unfold. What show are we talking about? “Longmire” available soon. We decided to call the brown puppy “Walt” and his little brother “Henry” after Robert Taylor’s character Walt Longmire and Lou Diamond Philips character Henry Standing Bear. We decided on these two because they are inseparable friends who rely on each other but fight like brothers. These are mighty big shoes to fill for such mighty tiny puppies.



Puppy Names            Puppy Names      Puppy Names            Puppy Names



We hope who adopts these pups will give them a great home and lots of attention. In just a day and a half they have really turned into playmates and you can they love to play, discover and marvel at the great big world around them.

Tomorrow they will get their second bath in their short lifetime. It should be entertaining to see how they react to water.  We also have official weights. “Walt” is 2.9 lbs and “Henry” is 2.7 lbs. It is not clear exactly how old these little guys are but the best guess is around 4-5 weeks at the most.

We’ll post again soon with an update, Contact us or Chain of Hope KC .

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