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100 Plus Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens

Finding the perfect gift ideas for the older person in your life can sometimes be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. From thoughtful to practical (and oftentimes both), we’ve gathered 100 plus gift ideas for senior citizens.

Not only have we given you some great ideas, but we have also provided the links so you can view these great gift ideas mostly on Amazon if available.


Photo Gifts

  1. Custom photo album
  2. Custom photo calendar
  3. Custom photo blanket or pillow
  4. Digital picture frames
  5. Framed collage of old photos
  6. Scrapbooks


Food and Snacks

  1. Ethel M’s nostalgic and original Mars Bars
  2. Homemade cookies or baked goods
  3. Gift certificates to favorite restaurants
  4. Senior food services or meal delivery



  1. Gym pass
  2. Bay Alarm Medical Alert System
  3. Activity Tracker
  4. Medical Alert
  5. Electric toothbrushes
  6. CPAP machine cleaner or accessories
  7. The Savvy Senior



  1. Lutron motion sensor light switch
  2. Cosco lightweight folding steel single stepstool
  3. Shower bench
  4. Chair lift for stairs
  5. No-drill shower grab bar
  6. LED stick-anywhere lights
  7. Ergonomic garden tool sets
  8. LED flameless candles
  9. Reach a Bowl pet feeder
  10. Recliner chair lift
  11. Universal TV remote
  12. Roomba
  13. Snow blower or snow removal services
  14. Doorbell-telephone flashing light signaler
  15. Treemote holiday light control



  1. Vidalia chop wizard
  2. Coffee makers
  3. Countertop induction kitchen burners
  4. Digital kitchen timers
  5. Automatic can opener
  6. Heat-resistant oven mitts
  7. Electric tea kettles
  8. Vacuum food sealers
  9. Block cheese slicers



  1. Hickies no-tie lacing system
  2. Dreambell magnetic necklace clasp
  3. Okabashi shoes
  4. Adaptive clothing
  5. House slippers
  6. Warm socks
  7. Robes
  8. Pajamas
  9. Sweaters with large buttons
  10. Zipper puller
  11. No-bend shoe remover



  1. Coloring books
  2. Jigsaw puzzles
  3. Books
  4. Older movies on DVD
  5. Magazine subscriptions
  6. Tickets to plays or symphonies
  7. Movie tickets
  8. Bookrests
  9. Satellite radio
  10. Playing card holders
  11. Board games
  12. Nostalgic internet radio
  13. Puzzle books


Relaxation and Comfort

  1. Weighted blankets
  2. Wheelchair lap blankets
  3. Heated blankets
  4. Portable TENS unit
  5. New bedclothes
  6. Sunbeam Renue neck wrap


Ease of Mobility, Reach, and Memory

  1. Reach tools
  2. Adjustable canes
  3. HandyBar for vehicles
  4. Day clocks
  5. Foldable canes
  6. Cup holder for rollators and wheelchairs
  7. Walkers
  8. Easy reach seat belt handle
  9. Wireless wallet and key locator set



  1. Luggage
  2. Plane tickets
  3. Hotel reservations


Assisted Living, Transport, and Other Services

  1. Lawn care services
  2. Grocery delivery
  3. AARP membership
  4. Visa gift cards
  5. Amazon gift cards
  6. House cleaning services


Technology and Communication

  1. Amazon Echo
  2. Jitterbug Phone services
  3. Grip pen
  4. Stationary set
  5. Postage stamps
  6. Computer speakers
  7. Home printers
  8. Extra-loud cordless phone
  9. Adaptive headphones
  10. Big-button cell phone
  11. Big-button calculator
  12. Fixd Car Health Monitor
  13. Peeps Eye Glass cleaner
  14. MindInsole Shoe insoles
  15. Night Driving Glasses
  16. GlowBowl Fresh Toilet Light and Freshener


With so many gift options, it’s easy to find something your favorite senior will love and appreciate and may even improve their quality of life.



Talk to me today, Paul Carrigan, to find out how I can save you money on insurance needs.
You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old ~ George Burns

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