25 Minute Morning Workout Routine

Blog post by *Ann Edwards of Elite Sports

25 minute morning workout. There are various health benefits of working out in the morning, you can have enough time to work out without any distractions, and without any excuses. When you workout out in the morning, you get energized throughout the day. Also when you exert your brain releases the neurotransmitter called endorphins, which helps to boost up your mood. I would personally start my day with exercise to lift up my mood when I’m feeling a bit depressed. Also, you can manage your stress in a well-controlled way, so the morning exercise helps me a lot in focussing on my office work, and other chores too. Other than that morning workout helps you to have mental clarity,

If you want to get indulged in any workout, you need to get appropriate gym gear as well, which should be sweat-wicking and durable, because if you have suitable gym outfits they can improve your performance. Born tough workout clothes are stretchable and are available at the cheapest price.

If you develop the habit of working out in the morning you can also improve your metabolic system. You tend to have hormonal balance too, and you will notice a better quality of sleep at night.

According to various studies, it has been proved that exercise can prevent you from various diseases as well, such as cancer( breast and prostate), depression, diabetes mellitus 2. Various studies have revealed that if you don’t workout instead, and keep sitting for a longer time, there will be a chance of getting breast and colon cancer.

If you are a beginner in morning exercise, in the start you may feel difficulty in adjusting your routine, but afterward, gradually you will be able to adjust your routine within four weeks. Also, don’t forget to take your pre-workout meal because it’s essential to provide you with the energy that is required during your exercise.

In today’s blog, I will discuss a few of the morning exercises which will be really helpful for you, but you need to get consistent in order to accomplish your health goals and to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Take a start with running.

A morning run is a stress-relieving exercise in a real way. I would say get enough sleep, set up alarms so that you may wake up at a particular time for your workout. You can make your morning running routine more enjoyable if you have a partner or some friend with you. Take a start with stretching, and initially start running at a low pace, gradually increasing your speed when you will feel comfortable.


Jogging is a cardiovascular exercise, in the morning you can find any spot where you can jog for a few minutes. A cardiovascular workout is an excellent workout for improving the health of your heart, as your cardiovascular health improves so your lunges capacity also gets increased. Get the maximum advantage of this workout by jogging for a minute, by lifting up your knees as high as you can.

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to start any workout you need to have gym outfits that are stretchable and long-lasting. Born tough workout clothes are much more comfortable and are available at an affordable price.

Brisk walk.

According to experts, if you want to stay active throughout your entire day, you should start a brisk walk or a run in the morning. But make it a fun workout, also wear comfortable shoes that should fix appropriately, also make sure to get started with some warm-ups. A brisk walk is the best way to lose weight as well, so if you have gained a few kilos you can definitely shred a few kilos and can decrease the circumference of fats accumulated around your waist through a brisk walk. You can strengthen your joints and muscles, along with that your cardiovascular health also gets improved through the brisk walk. If you want to strengthen your strength faster then you must start practicing brisk walking.



Push-ups help to develop the strength and endurance in your muscles, also you can build up stronger core muscles as well. If you do them in a proper way surely you can develop strength in your lower back muscles. If you want to develop the muscles of your chest 50 to 100 muscles would be enough. In order to perform push-ups, your stomach should be towards the floor and your legs, shoulders, and body should be off the ground. While bringing up your body upwards from the ground, start exhaling. By keeping your core engaged, hold for a second in the plank position. Keep in your mind that you need to inhale and exhale properly while performing any exercise. In order to practice it, you can watch various videos related to inhalation and exhalation on youtube as well. Also while practicing the push ups make sure your angel is appropriate in order to prevent yourself from injury.


Strength your leg muscles with squats.

Squats are excellent for burning calories, losing weight, and also you can make your leg muscles stronger by practicing squats. Other than that your hamstring, obliques, hip, and calves get stronger if you practice squatting on a daily basis, but you have to be determined and motivated if you want to achieve these fitness goals. You can also improve your posture, mobility along with your balance.

If you practice squats at your young age or even in middle age, it will prevent you from getting dependent on others, when you get to an older age. When we get old our balance and equilibrium get disturbed and there are more chances to fall off. So in order to prevent yourself from these types of dependencies, you need to start some workout from today because it’s better to do some exercise instead of no exercise.

In order to perform the squats in the morning, you need to move your hips and bend your knees as well. Make sure to flatten your lower back, and bend yourself in a forwarding position, also make sure that both of your legs are also straight.

*Ann Edwards is the fully qualified personal trainer from Elite sports. She has been helping people in the
field of bodybuilding and fitness from more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy
has made her a fine addition for our team.



Paul Carrigan
Author: Paul Carrigan

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