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4 Cities That Help You Unwind

We all need to refresh and recharge once in a while. While many of us do this at home on the weekends, sometimes, it makes sense to get away for a few days. There are many benefits of spending time in a new town, and today TCG Insurance Solutions shares a few ideas that start with a quick one-hour drive from Olathe. Let’s take a look at our choices for 4 Cities That Help You Unwind


Topeka, Kansas


Topeka is one of the most relaxing cities in Kansas, especially for families looking to take advantage of outdoor recreation, arts and culture, and year-round events. The Greater Topeka Partnership offers insight on lodging options from inexpensive chain hotels to intimate lodging.


Seattle, Washington


If you’d rather head a bit further, try the West Coast. With its ecological diversity, amazing art scene, and whale watching opportunities, you can’t beat a week in the Emerald City. You never know, you might be ready to make Seattle, WA home after a visit. (If you do decide to move here, save money by looking for rental properties that fit your family online ahead of time. It’s not cheap, but you can find a virtual tour on most listings.)


Pensacola, Florida


Another plane ride away, you’ll find the sunny shores of Pensacola. Private dolphin tours, an afternoon at Gulf Islands National Seashore, or a quick surfing lesson can help you gain a renewed sense of self while soaking up the sun.


Hot Springs, Arkansas


Around seven hours by car is Hot Springs, Arkansas. As the name suggests, the area is still home to numerous bathhouses, which often feature massages and other luxuries. This is the ultimate getaway if you’re looking for solitude and solace. And, if you’re the gambling type, you’ll find both table and slot action at the area’s expansive casino and resort.


Before You Hit The Road


When the reason for your getaway is to reduce stress, you’ll want to take a few preemptive steps before you go to ensure your trip is as smooth as possible. Here are a few tips:


  • Make sure your insurance is up to date. Whether you are driving or simply leaving your car at the airport, take steps to ensure that your property is protected. Get an auto insurance quote today to see if you qualify for discounted rates or better coverage.


  • Book early. The sooner you book, the better your rates. (Although you can often find a great last-minute deal). Business Insider also suggests booking a room at a business hotel, checking in toward the end of the day, and signing up for the hotel’s loyalty program.


  • Pack appropriately. If you’re used to the weather in Kansas, you might make a quick shopping trip before you head to another state. If you’re going to Florida, especially, you’ll want lightweight clothing that covers your body, a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Check the weather a few days before you go so that you will have time to go shopping if you need to.


  • Have your vehicle serviced. One of the worst things that could possibly happen when you’re on the road is to break down. Before you head out, make sure to have your vehicle serviced, including an oil change and tire rotation.


We all need (and deserve) to get away for our own self-care needs. The 4 Cities That Help You Unwind listed here are not your only options, but there are excellent ways to get out of your comfort zone, even if you only want to drive an hour down the road. But, remember, before you go, save money by booking early and don’t forget to pack for where you’re going, not where you’re coming from.




Paul Carrigan
Author: Paul Carrigan

Licensed agent in Kansas, Missouri and Ohio.

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