Your home is meant to be a sanctuary from the world. Part of achieving this is making sure your home is a safe place to be. Having these alarms in your home can make it safer by alerting you to potential danger. 

Carbon Monoxide Alarms 

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. There is no way of detecting it on your own and this is hazardous because it is a very dangerous gas. Breathing in carbon monoxide restricts the flow of oxygen which then deprives your vital organs of the oxygen they need in order to function. 

Carbon monoxide can be produced by many of the appliances in your home including the oven and water heater and it can also be produced by fireplaces and even your car. Having carbon monoxide alarms in your home can alert you if this gas is in the air. You and your family can quickly vacate. These alarms can save lives. 

Smoke Alarms 

A fire can start in many ways. A candle can be knocked over. Electrical wiring can be overworked. An accident can occur in the kitchen. Fires are sudden and spread quickly. Sometimes, you might not notice in time. Smoke alarms will go off any time there is an unusual amount of smoke in the air. These alarms can let you know that you need to leave the building and get to safety. 

They are especially beneficial if a fire starts while you’re sleeping. While smoke alarms can save your life, they can also protect your assets. House fires cause billions of dollars in damage every year. If you have a smoke alarm, it can alert you, and then you can quickly call the fire department to address the fire.

Intruder Alarms 

Your home can be threatened by more than just fire and gas. If someone breaks into your home, they can cause harm to you physically and they can also damage and steal your property. Having a security system, including some sort of alarm triggered by a break-in, can increase your safety. When the alarm goes off, it can alert you and your neighbors and it can even be set up to alert the police. Additionally, having a security system in place can even act as a deterrent. Burglars and other intruders are less likely to break into a home that has a security system in place. 

You want to protect your home and family. By having these alarms in place, you can be alerted to any danger so you can then take the necessary actions. If your home doesn’t already have these alarms, install them immediately.

Home alarms can also have the potential on saving you money on your homeowners insurance. Contact today for a money saving quote.

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