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5 Simple Tips for Healthy Living

5 Simple Tips for Healthy Living Most of us, especially at the beginning of a New Year, make New Year Resolutions. We try to come up with ideas for healthier living. Albeit, no matter what we think healthy living should look like, there are good choices and bad...

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Change These Bad Habits As Soon As You Read This

Change These Bad Habits As Soon As You Read This. We all want and always plan to live a healthy lifestyle but our daily routine makes it difficult for most of us to achieve what we planned. As social media is consuming too much of our quality time and most of us feel...

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Best Motorcycle Accessory

Best motorcycle accessory can be many things according to who you talk to. I look at it in probably a different way. Nothing beats riding around the countryside or city streets and the feeling of freedom that comes from riding. Motorcycles are as enjoyable as they are...

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Why Voluntary Benefits?

The following is an excerpt from BenefitsPro article “4 Trends from 2017” BY SCOTT WOOLDRIDGE" The popularity of voluntary benefits continued to grow in 2017, especially with more people enrolled in HSAs and health reimbursement accounts (HRAs). Many voluntary...

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Medicare Part B Premiums 2018

Medicare Part B Premiums 2018 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has announced that the standard monthly Part B premium will be $134.00 in 2018, the same amount as 2017. However, some Medicare beneficiaries will pay slightly less than this amount. By law,...

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CVS is buying Aetna

CVS is buying health insurance giant Aetna, the companies announced Sunday. If approved, the $69 billion acquisition — $77 billion including debt — would drastically remap the health care industry. CVS Health (CVS)is a massive drugstore chain and prescription drug...

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Medicare – New in 2018

The latest on Part B and D monthly premiums – and Medicare Advantage costs by Dena Bunis, AARP, November 14, 2017   Medicare experts strongly suggest that even if you are satisfied with your current coverage you should review your plans during open enrollment, which...

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Final Expense – A must have conversation

Many of us are great planners, some are average and for some, planning is difficult. Regardless of how well you plan there is one event none of us likes to think about. We plan our whole lives but naturally, we don’t even like to think of our own mortality and how the...

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Puppy Names

Puppy names are always fun to come up and to try to see what names match their individual personality or demeanor. We have two rescue puppies from Chain of Hope KC. Both our getting better each day and have really turned the corner. When Chain of Hope KC staff first...

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Oh….You meant Dogs

It all started last year at Christmas. We had been watching a movie, probably on the Hallmark channel, about an orphan child getting a new home filled with love and joy for Christmas. My wife tells me about what a great movie that was and how inspiring it is and we should do the same for the holidays.

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Spring Sports: How To Avoid Injury As You Increase In Activity

Spring Sports: How To Avoid Injury As You Increase In Activity Source: MAT™ Headquarters, March 15, 2017 As a continuation of Greg Roskopf’s published work, here is a piece about preparing the body for an increase in activity levels… “It’s that time of the year in the...

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93 Days of Summer – 2017

93 Days of Summer – 2017 Summer is 93 days long in 2017. It is definitely here and with it comes vacations, suntans and family fun. Another indication of summer is the increase in railroad traffic and maintenance projects. Are you being recalled as an engineer, being...

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