Hazards on the Road and How to Avoid Them

Modern transportation makes it much easier to travel and commute to work or school. Engineers and city planners are constantly thinking of ways to improve roads. However, there are still many hazards on the road that can be dangerous if you don’t look out for them.


Since roads are exclusively for driving on, they are usually cleared off very well. However, there are still a number of objects that could fall or clutter roads. Some of these objects include branches, trees, car debris from crashes, and items that fall out of trunks among many other things. These things can make it much more hazardous to drive on roads, especially at high speeds. In fact, according to recent studies, road debris is cited as a factor in over 200,000 accidents reported per year in the US. To avoid objects on the road, observe the speed limit and try to avoid driving too close to other cars.

This will allow you to switch lanes quickly and safely if needed.


Trucks are much larger than the average car. Because of their size, sometimes trucks can be harder to control and thus more prone to dangerous tipping or accidents. This is especially concerning since many trucks are often transporting hazardous materials. An NFPA diamond can warn you if there are chemical or fire hazards present. If possible, distance yourself from large trucks and trucks with hazardous materials. When you are passing a truck, limit the time you are in its blind spots by switching lanes far back and passing quickly.


Rainy, humid areas and older roads are notorious for having potholes. Potholes can severely damage your tires and should be avoided at all costs. To avoid potholes, drive on roads you are familiar with when possible. This will help you remember and avoid any potholes on those roads. On other roads, stay alert, don’t speed, and avoid driving through large puddles. Puddles may look like only water, but there may be jagged potholes underneath that will wreck your tires.

You do so much to keep yourself and others safe on the road. In addition to things like wearing your seatbelt and regularly using your blinker, you can be on the lookout for potential hazards on the road. Being alert and knowing what is ahead on the road can prevent serious accidents and damage to your car and can help you avoid hazards on the road.

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