How can I become a better athlete mentally?

Blog post by *Ann Edwards of Elite Sports

Figuring out how to improve yourself mentally and physically as a competitor is a tricky job. There are various methods through which you can become a better performer, and can give your best. The athletes find several means through which they are capable of improving their athletic performance. That means they are trying to get polished by improving their skills day by day.

Similarly, if the athlete is stronger mentally, they are better able to perform under pressure, with their full capacity. So it’s important for a fighter, sportsman, and athlete to become physically as well as mentally tough. Other than that if you are planning to hit the gym to practice any type of workout you must get the appropriate gym workout clothes first, that should be lightweight and must enhance your performance by providing comfort. Elite sports gym workout clothes are durable, and lightweight as well.

So today I will discuss a few strategies which will help you to become a better athlete mentally.

Fuel up your body in the right way.

you can’t anticipate seeing enhancements in your overall performance in case you’re not powering your body in the correct way! While you may be exerting in the gym or at your workout place more than the normal individual, and if you have a terrible eating routine your body will get badly affected and will get much weaker. So if you want to get mentally tougher the first point to be focused on is improving your eating habits.


Get stronger by practicing aerobic exercises.

Try to make your basics stronger by practicing several aerobic exercises such as squats, rope jumping, strength training( weight lifting), cycling, brisk walk, or rowing. When we exert our body releases endorphins ( hormones that make you feel happy), also by practicing aerobic exercises you are improving your endurance, strength, and body conditioning. Not only that these exercises help you to have improved memory, but they will also make your mind much stronger, also the chances of your muscles and joint injuries will get lesser.

Besides that, as I discussed above before indulging yourself in any type of workout, you just need to get suitable gym outfits first. Elite sports gym clothes are classy and provide comfort during workout sessions.


Follow the routine and remain consistent.

You need to make the routine that suits you and have to remain stuck with that routine. Motivate yourself if someday you won’t feel like working out. If you are bodybuilding and trying to build up muscles don’t expect to see the results within a week, instead, you have to be patient, follow your workout routine, and then see the results which you will get someday definitely. So, staying motivated and consistent for your workout will eventually make you tougher both physically and mentally.


Face the problems.

The mentally tougher athlete would be better able to know how to take themselves out of the harsh situation if they face any type of hardship. But, on the other hand, most people when facing any challenging situation, try to ignore it or just find various methods of escape so that is a cowardly approach. Remember that, if you will start avoiding (ignoring) the problems they will be chasing you. So as an athlete if you face any hardship you must discuss it with your coach or any other trustworthy person. Getting the decision of dealing with your problems will make you mentally tough, and you will get much more confident as well.


Stay positive.

Being an athlete you have to stay positive in any way. If there are weak thoughts arising in your mind, you can replace those thoughts in a positive way. I mean replace these thoughts like “I can’t do it”, “I am afraid I will lose” and the thought like  “I am done with it”, with positive thoughts such as “I can do it”, “I am confident I will win”, “I love to do it”. Your confidence will be the key to success, and also in making you mentally stronger and tougher.

*Ann Edwards is the fully qualified personal trainer from Elite sports. She has been helping people in the
field of bodybuilding and fitness from more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy
has made her a fine addition for our team.


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