As we age, our abilities to hear, see and move can become limited. To avoid hazardous situations, it’s important to try to change or give up activities before an accident occurs. Your safety is the most important consideration.


You may have a perfectly safe driving record, but physical limitations can alter that record and put your safety at risk. For example, how well can you see at night? If your night vision is poor or deteriorating, make sure that you are prepared either to avoid driving at night or have a place to stay. Are your reflexes failing? Driving can require you to have to move quickly. It’s important to evaluate whether or not you should be driving on the road because, in recent years, the aging population has been causing more fatal accidents. If you’ve been in fender benders or are seeing an increase in traffic tickets, it may be time to give up the keys.


Thinking about giving up the activities you love can be depressing. If you found time for things like gardening, home repair or other artistic endeavors when you were busy with kids and work, retirement can seem like an ideal time to expand those habits. However, if you’re overall strength is decreasing, some activities could be putting you at risk for a fall. Factors such as core strength and walking speed are an important measure of your ability to continue on with strenuous activities. In addition to increasing your time spent in the garden, consider working with a personal trainer to build your balance and upper body strength.


Perhaps you find that keeping your house tidy inside and out takes all your energy. It’s a good idea to bring in help when you need to do a deep cleaning or move the furniture. The primary concern needs to be about your safety. If you can easily keep up with day to day pickup but struggle with laundry baskets or stairs, see if you can bring in someone part time to help with heavier tasks. You may be fine with vacuuming but need help to clean carpets, or you might be fine with daily bathing and dressing but have a hard time with vacuuming. You don’t have to turn over the running of your house to these helpers; simply define the task and be there to monitor the activity so it’s done to your liking. Many service agencies offer cooking, light housework, and transport options. Why not arrange your life to bring in some help one or two days a week to assist with heavier tasks and let you manage the rest of the week?

Knowing what tasks to leave to someone else and asking for help in a timely fashion is vitally important to your safety. Don’t wait until you suffer a fall or tumble down the basement stairs with a laundry basket. Instead, be honest with yourself about what you can handle and what concerns you, and find ways to work around those tasks that feel hazardous.

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