Your home requires protection in order to stay safe from damage that can hurt the value and safety of your home. Water damage is amongst the most common and most potentially catastrophic types of home damage. When water gets into your home, whether from the inside or outside, it has the potential to get into your walls and the wooden structures of your home, causing rot, mold, and decay which can be incredibly dangerous and costly to repair. Here are a few tips to help you prevent water damage from occurring in your home.

Fix Roof Leaks

The first tip that will help you to prevent water damage in your home is fixing roof leaks. Your roof is the first line of protection that your home has against the rain and the other outdoor elements. If your roof has a hole or a leak, even a minor one, this will grow until it becomes a major leak. You should check your roof frequently for damage and leaks, as the earlier you can fix them, the less damage roof leaks can cause to your home. Roof leaks are also a potential entrance for pests, creating another issue.

Keep Your Plumbing Maintained

Another great way to prevent water damage in your home is to keep your plumbing well maintained. This includes regular cleanings, inspections, and checkups to ensure that your plumbing is working and is in good condition. The plumbing system of your home funnels hundreds of gallons of water into your home every day. A burst pipe is serious enough for emergency plumbing to avoid serious issues. Otherwise, a burst pipe might just cause such incredible water damage to your home it could be as bad as a flood from rainwater or a thunderstorm.

Clean Your Gutters

The final way that you can prevent water damage in your home is by cleaning your gutters frequently. Your gutters are there to carry rainwater from your roof to an area on the ground with good drainage. If your gutters are clogged and blocked, water will flow over them and around areas of your home more susceptible to flooding. Clean your gutters every few months to keep them clear of debris that might deplete their usefulness.

Water damage is a serious issue that you need to be prepared for in your home. Preventing water damage should be a top priority for any homeowner. Make sure that you are doing these three things to prevent damage from becoming an issue in your home.

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