How to Protect a Brand-New Car from Nicks and Dents

For most people buying a new car is one of the most exciting parts of life. And there’s nothing worse in finding your first nick, scratch, or dent in your new car. While protecting your new car from potential damage isn’t always one hundred percent possible, there are many things you can do to make the damage much less likely. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep your new car looking perfect for as long as you possibly can.


Avoid Parking Under Trees


When you’re parking your car, it’s important to pay attention to potential dangers that can damage your car while you’re away. Most people look for shady parking spots especially during the summer months, and while shade is good, trees can be detrimental to the body of your car. That’s because trees can drop bits of debris onto your car that can ding it up, also low hanging branches can scratch your car when you pull in or out of the spot.

Trees are also home to many animals that may also damage your vehicle by jumping down on top of it or even dropping their waste and hurting your paint job. Instead of parking under a tree look for other shady areas that are free of potential hazards, like along the side of a building.


Wash it Regularly


Washing your car may seem purely aesthetic, but it actually comes with many benefits to the overall condition of your vehicle. Some messes that are common on cars can actually damage the vehicle’s paint job if they are left on for too long. During the winter months the salt that is used to keep roads free of ice is actually corrosive to vehicular paint. It’s especially important to regularly wash your car during the winter to keep the salt from harming your paint job. Things like sap and other sticky substances can also hurt your car if they are not taken care of carefully and quickly with a thorough wash.


Polish the Paint


If you regularly drive your car it is almost impossible to avoid little dings from rocks and other debris that are kicked up by other drivers on the road. This is where polishing and waxing your vehicle can really do you a lot of favors. Polishing your car at least once a year will help to buff out some of the imperfections that your car is likely to get over time.

Applying wax after polishing can give your car a nice shine and also protect it from minor damage. Waxing should happen more frequently than polishing, and it’s usually a good idea to take care of it at least three times a year.


Apply Paint Protection


Your paint job will take a lot of wear and tear over the course of your car’s life, so it’s important to do what you can to protect it. You can prevent minor scratches with paint protection, which can save you in repairs. This, in addition to waxing your car, can give your vehicle a protective coating that will help extend its life and ensure that your car always looks great. You can purchase paint protector yourself, or you can have it professionally applied depending on your personal preference. this is a great example of How to Protect a Brand-New Car from Nicks and Dents.


Clean the Interior


Many people forget that a car wash should extend beyond just the exterior of your car. Taking care of the interior of your car is equally as important and will help it to keep looking great and working well. Try to vacuum out your car at least every other time that you wash the exterior. Then also make sure to wipe off the hard surfaces and clean the interior windows of your vehicle. Using seat covers can help you to protect your seats, these are especially important if you have a pet in your car on a regular basis.


Take Care of Your Tires


Your tires are one of the most important elements of your vehicle and they are essential to you being able to use your car for travel. It’s important then that you take care of your tires and keep them a priority and part of your regular maintenance. Make sure that your tires are always sitting at a good pressure and have them aligned and rotated regularly. This kind of tire maintenance will extend the life of your car and ensure that it is always ready to go when you are.


Deal with Window Chips Promptly


Sometimes rocks will be kicked up on the freeway and hit your windshield. In most cases this will only lead to a minor chip that many people will ignore and avoid getting it taken care of. However, even small chips should be filled immediately so they don’t grow and cause further damage to your windshield. It’s a good idea to check your windshield every day for potential chips and cracks so you can catch them early and take care of the problem.

Rock chip repair and windshield replacement often comes with a warranty which protects you if further damage occurs or there is a problem with installation.


Be Mindful of Your Surroundings


When you are driving it is essential that you pay attention to what is going on around you. This doesn’t just mean avoiding road hazards and staying safe on the roads, it also means looking out for small things that could damage your car. Trying to keep your distance from big trucks that kick up a lot of rocks can help you to prevent minor damage and keep your car looking great. You never know what’s going to happen on the road, so it’s important to always pay close attention. It is also important that when damage is more than nicks and dings, having the right insurance coverage to protect you car and restore it to its brand new condition.

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Your new car is as beautiful as it can be, but it can take some work to keep it looking great. It takes time and work to protect your car from potential damage and to take care of issues as quickly as possible. But when you do, you can enjoy your new car for as long as you possibly can. These are just a few ideas on How to Protect a Brand-New Car from Nicks and Dents.

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