Kansas City Weather Has Been Crazy This Month

A guest blog about our Kansas City Weather by: Rhian Dodd-Tovey

10, 27, 58.
No, these numbers aren’t the Powerball numbers they’re the high temperatures that have occurred during the Kansas City weather since the new year. We rang 2018 with a balmy -4°F and a wind chill of -15°F followed by a high of nearly 60°F during the following week.  Crazy Kansas City Weather!

Being from the UK, many people ask, “Is this what British weather is like?” or “Does it get this cold there?”. The answer is no, it most certainly does not get this cold unless you live in the remotest of Scottish mountains! It’s always difficult to compare temperatures when they use Celsius there and American’s use Fahrenheit. We often find ourselves converting and comparing using apps as with different humidity levels and dew points, it’s often difficult to comprehend how even similar temperatures can feel so different.
Generally, British weather does not get down below freezing except for a few days here and there. It’s more consistently in the mid 40’s – early 50’s, cloudy and gray.
However, it can feel a lot colder! The high humidity mixed with the wind and cooler temps can make you feel almost damp sometimes and comparable temps here feel somehow warmer.

That does mean that we have no idea how American life can function in such bitter cold temps. If it snows even a half inch in the UK or gets below freezing life can come to a standstill with everyone scared to venture outside. Whilst there have been a few snow days here recently, generally, life seems to keep going and the roads are cleared in super quick time.

The humidity and dew point makes a huge difference in the Kansas City Weather.

kansas city weatherThe first 2018 KC cold morning we woke up and the temperature was way below freezing but there was no frost and no ice on the car. We just couldn’t understand. At home, any morning below about 38°F you would expect to be having to start the car early and scrape the windshield off. It’s just not like that here. The atmosphere is so dry that it just doesn’t happen unless there’s a weather front moving through. Cars still function just fine and some people don’t even wear coats to run from car to building!

I am so glad that despite the snow being far more common here, it is still as magical an experience for American’s as it is everyone else. I know some don’t enjoy the snow, but the majority seem genuinely excited when it happens. Kansas City snow is different though. It’s dry! Almost like sand consistency. The wind blows, and you can see it all blowing across the ground. British snow is very wet and slushy – perfect snowman building material.

With extremes in temperatures accompanied with huge swings from warm to bitter cold, it’s difficult for our bodies to adjust.

It’s no wonder the flu season is especially bad this year when one minute we’re warm, the next freezing cold. One day we have moisture and humidity, the next we’re dry. This flu season has been named one of the worse according to the CDC, and we’re only just entering the peak of the season. We all know the things we should be doing to keep safe> But if you’re like me, I can’t just stay inside and avoid life completely, I would go insane.

I do think it’s important to give thanks for those buildings and homes that allow life to continue in such climates. The structures that keep us, our families and our fur babies warm, dry and safe. Yet they must endure frigid temperatures, precipitation, and bitter winds. Frozen pipes, power outages, and insulation struggles are just some of the issues our homes must deal with. There are things we can do to help get them through and to the spring (which brings its own troubles!). Like leaving faucets open slightly as the flowing water makes it hard for pipes to freeze or keeping the heat on when we’re out and about to help keep the temperature regular and prevent sudden increase/decrease in temperature.

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This is Kansas City and the weather here doesn’t stay around for long. So until it warms up a little, stay safe and warm and enjoy the beautiful white snow because before you know it we’ll all be moaning about the wet spring and hot summer!

Thanks for reading,
Rhian Dodd-Tovey
RDT Support


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Tracie Carrigan
Author: Tracie Carrigan

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