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Olathe Senior Discounts

We have some places listed for Olathe Senior Discounts for you. Even when you plan well for retirement, you’ll likely want to find ways to save money, so you can make the most out of eating out while staying within your budget. Many restaurants in and around Kansas City provide senior discounts, allowing you to enjoy going out to eat without as much of a financial hassle.


Area Restaurants with Senior Discounts:

  1. A&W All American Food. 10% discount
  2. Applebee’s. 15% discount for those over 60 who have Golden Apple Cards
  3. Arby’s. 10% discount for those over 55
  4. Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels. 10% discount for those over 65
  5. Back Yard Burgers. Free soft drink with any meal, varies by location
  6. Boston Market. 10% discount for those over 65
  7. Burger King. 10% discount for those over 60
  8. Chili’s. 10% discount for those over 55
  9. CiCi’s Pizza. 10% discount for those over 60, with some locations offering free drinks with the buffet
  10. Culver’s. 10% discount for anyone over 60
  11. Dairy Queen. 10% discount and free drinks for those over 55
  12. Denny’s. Discounts for seniors varies by location
  13. Einstein Bros. Bagels. 10% off a baker’s dozen bagels for those over 60
  14. Hardees. 10% discount and all drinks at 59 cents for those over 55
  15. IHOP. Discounts on senior menu items for those over 55
  16. Jack in the Box. 20% discount for those over 55
  17. KFC. Free small drinks with purchase of a meal for those over 55
  18. Long John Silvers. Discounts available for those over 55, varies by location
  19. McDonald’s. Discount on coffee and other drinks for those over 55
  20. Popeye’s. 10% discount and free drinks for those over 55
  21. Sonic. 10% discount or free soft drink for those over 60
  22. Steak ’N Shake. 10% discount on certain weekdays for those over 50
  23. Subway. 10% discounts for those over 60
  24. Waffle House. 10% discount on Mondays for those over 60
  25. Wendy’s. 10% discount for anyone over 55


To always get the best Olathe Senior Discounts, ask at every restaurant, as there’s a chance you may find a new benefit. Also, be aware that available discounts can change over time. AARP members can also receive additional discounts. For more senior discounts, think beyond restaurants. Many of your favorite stores – from clothing and department stores to gift shops, even grocery stores – offer deals and discounts for seniors. Hotels, car rental agencies, and other travel companies also often have senior discounts.

Talk to me today, Paul Carrigan, to find out how you can save on insurance.

“If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” ~William Shatner

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