Spring Sports: How To Avoid Injury As You Increase In Activity

Source: MAT™ Headquarters, March 152017

As a continuation of Greg Roskopf’s published work, here is a piece about preparing the body for an increase in activity levels…

“It’s that time of the year in the Rockies. The weather is getting nice and spring sports are swinging back into action. Athletes indulge themselves in various athletic outdoor activities such as: spring skiing, cycling, marathons, triathlons, golf, etc.

This increase in activity can come with a price. For manyathlete, it brings an increased potential for injury. We are most familiar with how injuries occur due to factors outside the control of the athlete.  An example being a sprained ankle or damaged knee when an athlete lands awkwardly.  However, there are also many injuries that occur because the body was not properly prepared for this increase in sport specific repetitive movements (i.e. golf swing, tennis stroke, ski related movements, etc.). Often, athletes will experience sprains or strains that could have been prevented with a bit better preparation. We believe that through proper training and preventative maintenance of the body, an athlete should be able to enter into the spring season without the risk of injury.

Read more at http://biofitkc.com/spring-sports-avoid-injury-increase-activity/

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Tracie Carrigan
Author: Tracie Carrigan

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