Various muscles building strategies for men.

Blog post by *Ann Edwards of Elite Sports

Weightlifting and strength training are considered aerobic exercises which help you to improve your cardiovascular health, help to boost up your mood, you can also make your muscles along with the joints stronger. Along with that, if you have stronger and bigger muscles popping out from your t.shirt sleeves, you will definitely look much more muscular, sexier, and attractive. Bodybuilding is getting more popular among the young generation because it promotes your appearance and your bigger muscles make you feel like a celebrity among others LOL. it’s not for young people only, you can do bodybuilding at any age.

If you are an athlete searching for gym workout clothes, make sure your workout clothes are comfortable, and also sweat-wicking. Born tough gym workout clothes are breathable, and are available at the cheapest price. So let’s get back to the discussion, in today’s blog we will discuss various methods through which you can build up your muscles, but you have to remain consistent, and also have to focus on your diet as well, because builder needs to have sufficient proportion of carbs, proteins, and fats for their pre and post-workout training. Also, keep yourself hydrated too, if you are burning around 4000 calories in a day you need to have 4 liters of water per day.

Eating more proteins.

The greater will be the stores of proteins in your body, the bigger will be your muscles, but the proteins can’t get stored in your body for a longer time period because they are utilized in several other processes, like in the metabolic reactions, and also maintain the fluid balance in our body. So your body gets protein-deficient sometimes as a result of which your muscles won’t get bigger, in order to make your muscles bigger you need to consume a sufficient portion of protein in your diet so that your body would be able to make new protein reserves and new proteins are built in your body.

Besides that, if you are planning to hit the gym, you must have appropriate gym attire first. Born tough gym workout clothes are breathable and stylish designed suitably for the gym workout.

How much protein should I consume daily?

Now a question may arise in your mind about how much protein your body should be required daily to build up your muscles faster. So the consumption of proteins totally depends upon your body weight. Let’s suppose your weight is around 170 pounds, so you would be requiring 170 grams of protein daily.

You can eat chicken, sandwiches, Greek yogurt, meat, low-fat milk, crackers, cereals, bread, and oatmeal as a proteinous diet.


Challenge your body

When you challenge your body by lifting more weight, you are engaging a large group of your muscles to get bigger and stronger than before. If you feel comfortable lifting the lightweight in your gym, add some more weight to your weight lifting rod, and try to work out with some heavyweight. The more challenging you will make your workout, the BIGGER, and bulkier your muscles will get. But make sure you are comfortable in lifting the heavyweight and must lift it under the supervision of your gym coach or trainer. Also, initially make 4 sets followed by 3 to 4 repetitions, but once you get confident and feel more comfortable you can increase your repetitions. Remember that if weight lifting is performed safely, and appropriately it can provide various advantages. So train hard, and be sure that you are doing your workout in the right way.


Perform muscle strengthening exercises.

There are several exercises that would help you to make your muscles become stronger and bulkier, but make sure that all of your body muscles are getting engaged during your workout. You can perform squats, push-ups, shoulder press, bench press, pull-ups, lunges and you can also focus on lifting the dumbbells and on the resistance bands too, for building up muscles faster.

*Ann Edwards is the fully qualified personal trainer from Elite sports. She has been helping people in the
field of bodybuilding and fitness from more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy
has made her a fine addition for our team.

Paul Carrigan
Author: Paul Carrigan

Licensed agent in Kansas, Missouri and Ohio.

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