Why You Should Meet With a Financial Advisor Before Retiring

Meet With a Financial Advisor Before Retiring. Retirement is a very different lifestyle than the average 9 to 5 working lifestyle. For that reason, it requires you to have a solid financial standing before going into it. Meeting with a financial advisor is a smart move, as it will help you best prepare for that lifestyle and its transition in a smart and stress-free way!

Make Sure You Don’t Run Out of Money

You will need a reliable savings fund to supply you with the money necessary to live at the minimum, and enjoy the many benefits of retired life at the max! Without a working income, you need to still be able to pay for housing and living expenses, transportation costs, hobbies or entertainment you love, and of course any healthcare needs. A sound budget is essential for this time period to keep yourself from running out of money early, forcing you to come back out of retirement and reenter the workforce!

A financial advisor can guide you through creating an effective savings plan to allow for the best possible budget, by going through your monthly and yearly expected expenditures as compared to expected savings and income. This is a good example of Why You Should Meet With a Financial Advisor Before Retiring.

Plan for Healthcare Costs

As mentioned, one of the most important and often most unpredictable expenses during your retirement years are your healthcare costs. This is a sum that you don’t want to be underprepared for, which means over predicting for! Your financial advisor can take into account your current medical conditions as well as your medical history (and your family’s medical history) and create a safe goal for your healthcare fund.

There are a number of resources also available for additional financial help during this time. For example, Medicaid can help cover your healthcare costs if you have a low income in retirement. Talk to your financial advisor about your options, there’s likely more than you expect!

You can also contact us at TCG Insurance Solutions for information on Medicare Supplement Plans available in your area. These plans help to fill in the gaps of what Medicare doesn’t cover.

Get the Most Out of Potential Income

Financial consultants are trained to find ways you can get the most out of your income, and get the most income in general! Because retirement comes with a lower, fixed income that is not always reliable in meeting your needs, other strategies will likely be necessary to access more money and more resources.

Ask about the potential of annuities, your social security benefits, simple part time jobs that don’t require too much from you or your schedule, tax breaks, and other means of additional income. Establish a plan that will set you up comfortably!

Be ready for this exciting and relaxing time in your life by creating a solid financial standing with the help of a financial advisor. You will be grateful for the security and confidence that comes with this professional advice! We hope you found our tips helpful on why you should Meet With a Financial Advisor Before Retiring

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