How to Make Your Home More Comfortable During Winter

Winter has fully grasped most parts of the Northern Hemisphere in its icy grip, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But the plummeting temperatures don’t have to be anything more than a minor grievance as long as you can look forward to a toasty warm home every night.

Use Comfortable Furniture

When the weather is cold, you want nothing more than to sink down into a cozy, plush couch or chair and relax. As chic as minimalist furniture is, it isn’t very snug in the winter. If you are the kind of person who likes to ride out the cold season snuggled up amongst plump cushions and luxurious fabrics, consider furnishing your family room with a velvet, wool, or chenille sectional, rather than a small, angular sofa. If your leather couch is here to stay, cover it in the winter with lamb skins, faux fur blankets, or soft velvet throw pillows. And if your favorite chair is too stodgy and frigid for cold weather, overlay it with a warming chair cover.

Maintain Consistent Temperatures

No one wants to spend their entire winter vacillating between near hypothermia and roasting heat, but this is exactly what happens when people play with their thermostat too much. Find a comfortable temperature and keep it there, at least during your waking hours. If you want your nights to be cooler, consider investing in a smart thermostat, which you can program to pump out steady warmth during the day, but turn down at a set time each night.

The worst thing that can happen in subzero weather is for your heater to fizzle out. Have your furnace inspected to make sure it is in good working order, and regularly service your HVAC system. Maintenance can keep your heating going during the winter when you need it most.

Install a Ventless Gas Fireplace

Ventless gas fireplaces are efficient, eco-friendly, and radiate the most heat of any fireplace. Because it is ventless, it doesn’t require a chimney. This means that none of the heat from the fireplace is lost by going up into the flue, but instead spreads throughout the room. These fireplaces come in a variety of colors and styles and can look quite realistic. You can build one into a wall or find a free-standing version complete with an attractive mantel. With a convenient remote control, you can turn on a powerful heat source without even getting up from your comfy couch!

Don’t shiver your way through the winter this year. Create a cozy space where you can warm up, body and soul, every evening after a hard day’s work. Winter just might become your favorite season! We hope you enjoyed our tips on How to Make Your Home More Comfortable During Winter.

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