Stay Safe While Driving

It is almost summer, and that means road trips! Few things are better than getting away with the freedom and flexibility of a car. You can stop when you want, stretch your legs when you need to, and take the road less traveled just for fun. However, it is important to take the necessary precautions to make sure you get there and back safely. Here are three tips for a safe road trip.

Make Sure the Car is in Good Shape

Before any long road trip, be sure to get your car checked out and tuned up. No one wants to be that person, pulled over on the side of the road with steam blasting up from your radiator. One of the greatest dangers of a road trip is a blown tire. Have your tires checked and replaced if the tread is getting low. Also, be sure that your brakes are working properly and that the pads aren’t worn, especially if you will be doing any mountain driving. To stay safe while driving, check the fluids, lights, wipers, filters, battery, and air conditioning.

You will have greater peace of mind on your trip if your vehicle gets a clean bill of health from a mechanic you trust.

Rotate Drivers

Driving for long periods of time comes with its own dangers. To stay safe while driving, mitigate these risks, make frequent stops, change your line of focus frequently, and, if possible, rotate drivers. When you rotate drivers, you can always have a fresh driver. However, if you are driving a rental car, be sure to add each driver to the policy. There are rules when it comes to letting someone else drive a rental car. Above all else, never drive drowsy. Pull over and rest if you find your head getting fuzzy.

Practice Defensive Driving

The worst possible thing would be for your trip to end in an accident. The risk for this goes down significantly with defensive driving. Wear your seatbelt, keep your speed down, follow the 4-second rule, and minimize distractions. It is also a good idea to keep an escape route in mind, depending on your road conditions. Slow down in the rain and be extra cautious at night. Most of all, always stay alert. You never know when someone will suddenly cut into your lane or slam on their brakes.

Road trips are tons of fun, but only if they are safe. Get your car tuned up, rotate drivers, rest frequently, and drive defensively. Once you’ve got all that covered, be sure to make memories, see something new, and have a wonderful time. It’s always a good idea to check and make sure you auto insurance is up to date and is adequate for your needs to help stay safe while driving.

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